What is an EICR? And why you should get one?

An EICR – Electrical Installation Condition Report – is a document generated after testing and inspection of the circuits within domestic properties.

They are basically a safety check and describe the current condition of the electrical circuits, and components used within them.

Landlords need to get one one for each rented property every 5 years or on change of occupancy, in order to show that it is safe to be used.

All other private dwellings, my house included, should be tested and inspected every 10 years.

House buyers should always consider one – they can tell you how old an installation is and whether it is needs to be updated, especially in older houses.

Why it is important.

Faulty electrics are the most common cause of house fires.

A burnt out MCB from a Consumer Unit

A loose connection has caused sparks between the connection plates, causing sufficient heat to melt the metal within it.

The testing can reveal problems which can’t be seen on a visual inspection alone, such as a lack of earth protection, loose or missing connections, and overloaded circuits.